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The Adopt-a-Hive Program is a sweet way to help save a vital yet threatened natural resource while making a big difference in the ecosystem of the East End. Everyone wins! Check it out…

The Buzz on what happens:

  • Get your in by April 1st
  • A new starter colony of bees is brought onto a farm
  • All the equipment needed to establish a new hive is set up:

  • A Hive Support Base

  • A Bottom Board

  • 2 Hive Bodies

  • A Queen Excluder

  • 1 Honey Super

  • An Inner Cover

  • An Outer Cover

  • Increases the bee population on the East End
  • Puts the bees to work on a farm needing pollination from bees
  • Helps the farmer get a higher crop yield because of greater pollination
  • The Buzz on what you get:
  • A whole case of honey from your adopted hive  
  • A personalized photo of your adopted hive
  • A certificate thanking you for supporting our local bee population  
  • The satisfaction of knowing the hive you adopted makes a difference in helping   to preserve the farming community on the East End

More Buzz:  

  • A single, low price of $350.00 buys everything
  • Adoption lasts for 1 full year; renewable for $200 per year
  • Adopt for yourself or give as a gift to friends or family
  • As per CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), if for some reason the hive     you adopted does not produce enough honey for a full case (12 jars), you will       be offered your choice of one of our specialty honeys or an extension for honey     from the following season
  • The apiaries are located on various farms throughout the East End on                   both forks. The bees are on working, private farms and as such the public             cannot visit them.


Show how much you care about someone special, and about the East End community as a whole. Adopt-a-Hive today, and start making a difference right away!

To order your hive go to the catalog page and check how many you would like to adopt!.

Thanks, and… bee cool!

Click here to Adopt A Hive

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