East End Apiaries


About Us

Based in Southampton Village, NY, with hives on local farms throughout "The Hamptons", East End Apiaries has been "pollinating The East End since 1987".

Robin Blackley, the sole beekeeper, began working bees while pregnant with her second child.

While working in the apiary (bee yard) she would put Adam in a play pen with a net over it under a shade tree. 

Matthew, then 5, was always curious and would put on his little bee suit to follow her around and learn.

The boys grew up with a love of nature, natural things and a special place in their hearts for bees.

Today Matthew is a certified brewer in Portland, Oregon working for an organic brewery, Hopworks, which not only makes great beer but also has a zero carbon foorprint.

Adam has followed his passion for sailing and is racing "Big Boats" from New York to Newport.

Robin is still keeping bees.



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